Facebook vs. Twitter: Which to Use for Your Business

There are many social media platforms to choose from when it comes to generating growth for your business. Each platform has its unique quality to help a business promote its activities and be recognized in the market. The more popular choices are Facebook and Twitter, and both of these platforms offer many unique benefits for any business. Facebook is more focused on connecting with friends and families and sharing content more in visual forms such as photos and general lifestyle-related content. On the other hand, Twitter is more towards giving insight into popular and trending topics and content geared towards news and information relating to a market or industry. Both platforms provide different options and features to explore, making it difficult to conclude which platform is better suited for a business.

To ensure growth on both platforms, businesses must strive to get the maximum followers and engagements to their accounts. There are different ways to address this on the platforms. If you’re looking to get more followers fast consider exploring how to make Twitter bots for your account. The following article summarizes some of the benefits of using Facebook and Twitter for your account and tries to explain which platform is more suited for a business.

Facebook vs. Twitter Reach

First, it is important to establish your potential reach when using the platforms by looking at different demographic data from reliable sources.

According to reports, 24% of US adults have accounts on Twitter, with around 40% of these adults are aged between 18-29. Additionally, less than 20% of the accounts relate to individuals over the age of 50. In contrast, around 70% of US adults have accounts on Facebook and 80% of these accounts are related to people aged 18-29. On top of that, around 65% of accounts are of people aged more than 50.

While on paper it may seem Facebook is the clear winner, it is important to note that the ratio of younger people using the platform is declining since they prefer the more trendy platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Older people are more reliant on the app.

Facebook vs. Twitter for Businesses

Twitter seems to be the better option if your business is targeted toward the younger generation since there are still many young people who rely heavily on the app to search for business-related accounts, or to buy items from. If your audience is more aged 50 and above, consider using Facebook instead.

Additionally, accounts on Facebook rely on slow growth and should be chosen if you are targeting long-term success, as ultimately the platform has many more users and will provide more engagement when your business starts to grow to a certain level. Growth on Twitter on the other hand is much faster, with more engagements expected at the start as compared to Facebook, however, there will be a certain point after which it would be more difficult to grow on the platform compared to Facebook.

One big advantage that Facebook has over Twitter is its advertisement campaigns, which are regarded as the best when compared with other social media platforms. It allows unique features such as targeted ads and has a much larger audience with a far greater reach to be established for your business.


When comparing both platforms, it would seem that Facebook is more suited to doing business as it is more recognized in the market, and has more features. However, some businesses would be more suited to be promoted on Twitter, as it will be a more suitable platform for their business. The choice would be up to you, after analyzing the unique benefits of both platforms.

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