How to Get Your Post at the Top of Instagram’s Feed

Getting your post to feature regularly on the top of feeds is a tricky matter, due to Instagram regularly changing its algorithms by which they manage preferences of posts, and how they compare to posts made by other people. Understanding how the algorithm works is vital to getting your posts to rank higher in followers’ feeds. Some of the things that help in recognizing your posts on Instagram are by making content that encourages the maximum number of people to interact with them. This can be in the form of liking the posts, sharing with others, and most importantly encouraging the people to search and view your profile page, since it is regarded as an act done voluntarily by an individual, and is seen positively by the algorithm.

If you’re looking to get more engagements on your profile and make them more relevant in the followers feed’s, try methods and posting techniques that will help you gain Instagram followers, since more followers would mean more activity and engagement to your profile.

No matter what your content relates to, whether it is a travel vlog, or a profile talking about social media and mental health issues, the following article will help you rank better in your followers’ feed and become more prominent for the users.

Use stories

Instagram stories take up a very prominent location on the app, at the top, and constantly remind the followers about your activities. People sometimes get disappointed with how little engagements their posts make on their own, posting interesting and regular stories greatly enhances the chances of people interacting with your posts and improves your engagements. They are seen as a great way for convincing people to visit your profile and engage with other posts. This makes your content earn a higher rank in the followers’ feed and will make your content gradually more prominent for them to view.

Go live

Although live stories do not directly affect the Instagram algorithms, however, they can be in the same way as stories to create more interest to the followers regarding your profile. A notification will be sent out to the followers whenever you go live, which will encourage more people to interact with them and eventually look up your profile and engage with other posts. This way, going live can greatly increase your chances of going top on the followers’ feed.


Use industry and market-specific hashtags which are regularly searched by the audience to make your posts reach out to the target market, and people who are more likely to interact with your content. This will again be seen positively as per the algorithm and make your content rank higher in feeds.

Organize contests

Encourage more interaction with your profile by running contests for the followers, asking them to do something, such as comment, share, or like a specific post, for the chance to win an item for free. Such contests are seen as a very effective way of generating intersect in the audience and boosting engagements on your posts, which improves the chances for your content to be presented on top of your followers feed’s.

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