Ways to Improve Your Presence On Instagram Organically

There is no social platform known to change its algorithm and bring in new features as much as Instagram. They do so to align their services to their business model, attract new clients and users, grow their influence, and also detect fake accounts and users. Continuous growth and improvement have meant that their numbers have continuously increased over the years.

However, this has come as a challenge to users who are seeking to grow their presence organically on the platform.

Being consistent

The wise men of old said, “Consistency is the key to success.” And from our research, Instagram has taken this phrase seriously. Have a look at successful Instagrammers. And we are not talking about actors, musicians, and other celebrities. For them, they might have gained their followers from other avenues and simply translated that to a large following on Instagram.

Their earlier posts were not as viral or didn’t have serious engagement. However, they were consistent until the day they blew up.

Consider posting regularly. Have a schedule and also detailed information on the content you are going to deliver.

Diversity in content and quality in production

As much as we recommend you post frequently, the importance of quality content cannot be overemphasized. The key in the game is quality over quantity. People need to enjoy viewing your work. It is only through quality work that you can guarantee a large and increasing fan base.

There are various viewing options that your users can use to see your content. From Instagram Reels to boomerangs to IGTV episodes. To improve your presence, consider diversifying and using all these options.

Contests and promotions

Before you run any promotion, you will need first to perform an in-depth analysis. What does your audience need or want? Perform a short survey on this. You can also check your competitors’ accounts to know what they are doing. A mismatch in what you offer and what your consumers want can be damaging.

Once you have this information, run the promotion. It could be in the form of a giveaway, discount, or a partnership with another brand.

Cross-platform interactions

It might be tempting to treat your Instagram account in isolation. You will be looking at it as an autonomous entity from the rest. Don’t. Always mention your IG account on your different social media accounts; be it Twitter or Facebook. You will be able to gain followers from your other platforms and also increase your presence significantly.


Remember, that the use of inorganic growth tactics such as fake engagement, the use of bots, and the purchase of likes, is only going to hurt your account in the long run. Consider the use of an organic Instagram growth service. It is only through an authentic and organic growth system, you can truly change your standing in your industry.


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